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1100 Vienna
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MMRA is a non-incorporated undertaking under Austrian law owned by Michael Mayr.

Scope of Business

MMRA provides legal services focussing on EU and Austrian competition law, Austrian investment control law, EU law, and related areas of law.

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Michael Mayr is registered with the Cologne bar association in Cologne, Germany, as Rechtsanwalt and with the Vienna bar association in Vienna, Austria, as European lawyer.
Michael Mayr is subject to oversight by the Austrian bar association and the Vienna bar association.
The applicable regulatory rules include the Austrian bar rules und bar guidelines (RAO and RL-BA). The applicable regulatory rules are available at


This website is intended for general information purposes only. It is not intended to provide legal or other advice.
This website may include links to other websites and other websites may include links to this website. MMRA is not responsible for the content of any such other websites and MMRA does not accept any liability for the content of any such other websites.



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